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Online Golf Connection for golfers worldwideThis website was created for golfers to connect with friends both locally & all around the world who have a love & passion for golf.  Online Golf Connection was created by Australian PGA Member (AAA Rated) Simon Weston: 

“Having played golf for over 30 years and a PGA Professional since 1996 I wanted a way for amateur golfers to connect and discuss all things related to Golf”.

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 Features of Online Golf Connection include:   

  • Free membership, quick & easy to sign up
  • Update your most recent score or perhaps upload the score card especially if you have achieved a new personal best score or perhaps you made a “hole in one” or an eagle
  • Upload a photo of your newest golf equipment, give us a review & feed back
  • If you played a new golf course or you want to promote your own golf club, post a review & photo’s
  • Discuss current events in the golfing world
  • Participate in discussion forums with other Golfers
  • Simon Weston posts free instructional & general articles & videos  

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Some of The Articles available to Online Golf Connection Members:

Golf Swing Arc, Wide – Narrow – Wide

wide narrow

There are a lot of golfers who think the swing arc is a simple circle the goes around the body. Well that is just not correct! In this video you will see the back swing is relatively wide in a good golf swing, followed by a narrowing of the arc in transition & into the impact. This is critical to ... Read More »

There are no short cuts in golf

Phil Mickelson

ARTICLE #53  Golf as in life offers no short cuts for true success. I think most of us realise that but we are on the look out for the easy option. While I can understand this in some regards the simple fact is you only get out what you put in. If you spend some time searching the internet there ... Read More »

What does the future hold for Tiger Woods?


ARTICLE #61 Tiger Woods has undoubtedly been the best golfer on the planet since he first broke through with his first PGA Tour win in 1996. He has won 79 times on PGA Tour including 14 major championships. No current player has come even close to this record. He remains second on the all time list of major wins behind ... Read More »

Improve your chipping around the green


ARTICLE #34 Chipping well from around the green is a very important part of the game & it can really help you improve your score. If you chip well you may have just one putt & perhaps save a par. This is a part of the game that the average golfer rarely practices but if you can improve your chipping ... Read More »

Improving your putting


  Many golfers feel that the reason for their high scores on the golf course is because they lack distance with their driver. While every golfer would like to hit the ball further this alone will not lower your scores. The quickest & easiest way to play better golf is to have less putts. There is no reason to ever 3 ... Read More »

How to hit a draw & a fade


ARTICLE #4   When I was a young golfer I was taught how to hit draws & fades. I was told that for a draw at impact the club face must be aiming left of the target (closed) & the swing path must be in – out. The ball would therefore start in the direction that the path was moving ... Read More »

USA Ryder Cup Task Force


ARTICLE #60 The fall out from the 2014 Ryder Cup may see a change in how the US Team goes about selecting their captain, selecting the team & even the team tactics during the week of the tournament. In the last 20 years (10 tournaments) it seems incredible that the USA Team has only won twice. 1999 saw Ben Crenshaw’s ... Read More »

Rory McIlroy, The story so far.


ARTICLE #58 This time last year many golf fans were wondering what is wrong with Rory? Why would he sign with NIKE to use their equipment when he was playing so well with his Titleist’s? Many had written him off as a flash in the pan & maybe he would disappear into the golfing wilderness. Coming off a very solid ... Read More »

Adam Scott becomes the worlds #1 Ranked Golfer

adam scott 2

ARTICLE #58 Let’s start by congratulating Adam Scott on reaching the #1 position on the official world golf rankings. What a great effort for such a gifted & talented golfer. Sure he seems to have a lot of things going for him with his natural ability but the fact is you don’t get to the worlds #1 player just on ... Read More »

Professional Golf Swing Analysis: Jordan Spieth.

Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth has had an incredible start to his professional Golf Career. He has one PGA tour win already. He is only 20 years old & is mature beyond his years. A second place finish at the US Masters this year (2014) proved to everyone that the guy is for real & is here to stay. He has a very ... Read More »