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Online Golf Connection for golfers worldwideThis website was created for golfers to connect with friends both locally & all around the world who have a love & passion for golf.  Online Golf Connection was created by Australian PGA Member (AAA Rated) Simon Weston: 

“Having played golf for over 30 years and a PGA Professional since 1996 I wanted a way for amateur golfers to connect and discuss all things related to Golf”.

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 Features of Online Golf Connection include:   

  • Free membership, quick & easy to sign up
  • Update your most recent score or perhaps upload the score card especially if you have achieved a new personal best score or perhaps you made a “hole in one” or an eagle
  • Upload a photo of your newest golf equipment, give us a review & feed back
  • If you played a new golf course or you want to promote your own golf club, post a review & photo’s
  • Discuss current events in the golfing world
  • Participate in discussion forums with other Golfers
  • Simon Weston posts free instructional & general articles & videos  

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Some of The Articles available to Online Golf Connection Members:

Adam Scott becomes the worlds #1 Ranked Golfer

adam scott 2

ARTICLE #58 Let’s start by congratulating Adam Scott on reaching the #1 position on the official world golf rankings. What a great effort for such a gifted & talented golfer. Sure he seems to have a lot of things going for him with his natural ability but the fact is you don’t get to the worlds #1 player just on ... Read More »

Professional Golf Swing Analysis: Jordan Spieth.

Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth has had an incredible start to his professional Golf Career. He has one PGA tour win already. He is only 20 years old & is mature beyond his years. A second place finish at the US Masters this year (2014) proved to everyone that the guy is for real & is here to stay. He has a very ... Read More »

Anchored Putting Alternatives


With the USGA’s & Royal and Ancient’s rule changed set down for January 1st 2016 where the anchoring of the putter will be banned. I have experimented with some other options in order to find the best options when transitioning away from the anchored putting. In this video I look at some legal (non anchoring) methods with the putter that will conform to ... Read More »

2014 US Masters Winner “Bubba Watson’s” Swing Analysis

bubba DL

Congratulations to 2014 Masters winner “Bubba Watson”. Now having won his second green jacket it validates his first win & the future looks bright for this immensely talented player.  I did this swing analysis previously but I though it was a good time to re-post it for you all to enjoy.  Bubba is very much a self taught golfer. He ... Read More »

2014 US Masters Round Up

US MAsters

This years U.S Masters tournament did not disappoint as is always the case. Every year this event has a way of providing memorable golf shots & career defining moments. American “Bubba Watson” captured his second green jacket beating Jordan Spieth who is just 20 years old & certainly a player to watch in the future. Tying for second place was ... Read More »

Simon Weston Golf Tips #2: Chipping with a Hybrid

GEC #2

Many golfers get locked into to playing every chip with the same club (often the Sand Iron). I suggest you keep an open mind when deciding on the type of shot you want to play when chipping. Playing your long chips with a Hybrid may sound like a strange choice but in this video will explain the benefits to playing this ... Read More »

Simon Weston Golf Tips #1: Chipping with different clubs

GEC #1

Many golfers chip with just one club, often its the sand iron. I don’t believe this is always the best way. Keeping your options open & choosing a club based on the situation your in will make your chipping easier & more consistent. In this video we discuss your options when chipping around the green. Read More »

Anchored putting alternatives.

Anchoring Alternatives

2016 will see a change in the rules of golf banning the putter from being anchored to the body. While you can still use these long putters you wont be able to anchor them to your body & I suspect many players will move away from them sooner rather than later. This video looks at two alternatives that will remain ... Read More »

What makes the ball go in the air?

What makes the ball go in the air

I know many of you are struggling with making the golf ball get up into the air. There is nothing more disappointing & frustrating than seeing the ball roll along the ground. This video explains how the loft of the club face does the work for you. Many of you probably don’t really understand this.   Read More »

Tiger Woods: Driver vs Iron swing

Tiger Driver vs Iron

Tiger Woods is often criticised for his inaccuracy with the driver. I think some of this criticism is a little unfair.   Sure he doesn’t hit a lot of fairways with his driver, but he never has & he has won 14 majors. There are many players who are more inaccurate than Tiger.  In 2013 he was 42nd in driving ... Read More »